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Membership Requirements

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1. Business License (Preferred)

Business License: If you’re an established business, submit a copy of your license. This is not a requirement if you’re only doing a temporary project.

2. Insurance

Insurance: This is a must-have. If you already have insurance, I just need proof that Cookspace is added to your insurance for a 2 million dollar policy. If you don’t already have insurance and only plan on a day pass or a temporary situation, you can approach your current insurance company or online insurance for this. If you don’t have a current plan, check out

3. Servsafe Certification or Similar

In this kitchen, we are responsible for everything that happens in it, including health code violations, foodborne illnesses, and anything else that puts you or your customers at risk. Therefore, we require that you have some sort of certification that proves you can safely maneuver in a commercial kitchen setting.

Many of you have worked in kitchens all your lives, but by getting this $15 certification, the Cookspace management can feel confident that you will take care of our kitchen and everyone that comes in with as much care as we would.

The ServSafe Handler course (or a similar course if you’ve already taken one) is required for the PIC (person in charge) of your operation and who will be on the premises. Here’s the link to take the quick $15 course below. You’ll upload proof that you passed the test once you’re invited to the software.

4. Agree to the Cookspace Kitchen Rules below

Several people sharing a kitchen can get crazy pretty quickly. So we need to all work together to ensure that rules are followed. If rules are consistently ignored, please be aware that we may ask you to leave. We take these rules very seriously for the safety of your customers, our reputation, and for the other members around you. By signing below, you agree to the following:

  • I will not hold Cookspace legally responsible for all matters that may arise due to the use of the kitchen. Cookspace will be held harmless to any claims, cost, and liability arising from or in connection with damages or injuries from any activity held within. 
  • I understand that I represent the Cookspace with the county health department and, therefore, I will obey all the rules associated with my food preparation, whether written, posted, or told. It is up to me to obtain specific authorization from the county and make sure I am properly licensed to operate my business. 
  • Because Cookspace is inspected by the city and county I will make sure to familiarize myself with the rules and regulations. 
  • I agree to only use the kitchen during the times in which I’ve paid for.
  • I understand that I am completely responsible for cleaning up after myself to the standards of Cookspace, and if the Cookspace staff has to clean up behind me, I will need to pay a cleaning fee.
  • I understand that if I store food in an unsafe way or without a label, it may be thrown away and Cookspace will not be held financially liable. 
  • I understand that I will either pay for storage at Cookspace to keep my supplies or bring my supplies to the kitchen for every session.
  • I will be responsible for any staff or guests that accompany me and liable for any misuse of equipment or property. I will not bring any guests in the kitchen with me unless I’ve paid for them to be there. I will clean up after my guests. I will not allow any children under 15 in the kitchen when food processing is taking place. 
  • I will follow all food safety rules in compliance with Cookspace and the County. I understand that if my food that was prepared in Cookspace and an illness is caused to myself or my customers, Cookspace is not held responsible. 
  • I will play my part in keeping peace with all management and members, and if there is a potential problem, I will handle the issue directly with the other members or contact management. I will respect the space and the members within.
  • I agree to come dressed appropriately for a commercial kitchen environment and will wear closed-toed shoes, have my hair in a net or hat (or at least pulled back tightly), and follow all other posted advisories and recommendations.
  • I will not hold Cookspace liable if the equipment is non-functional during the time I need it.
  • I understand that I will need to bring all of my own equipment and ingredients. This includes things like utensils, cookware, bowls, storage containers, gloves, aprons, hair nets, spices, etc. Cookspace will provide materials to wash dishes and clean. Cookspace is not held responsible for misplaced, lost, or otherwise unfound items. No equipment belonging to Cookspace or another member may ever leave the premises. 
  • I understand that the door must be shut and locked behind me every time I enter the kitchen and may be liable to a security fee if this rule isn’t followed. 
  • I will fill out the daily checklist during every shift I work in the Cookspace. 
  • I will not put up any advertising anywhere in Mulberry Mill unless approved by the manager. 
  • I understand that if I purchase a multi-hour plan, those hours do not roll over and must be used within 30 days of purchasing. If I do not use all the hours, I will not ask for a refund. 
  • I agree to keep proprietary knowledge from other members confidential, such as recipes, techniques, sources of ingredients, financial or business records, or other exclusive information. 
  • I understand that non-compliance with any of these rules may result in the termination of the rental agreement and no refunds will be given if a contract is eliminated due to non-compliance.

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